We are so excited to have you as a new extension of our Entourage family.  We have a few reminders below.  Being part of our team we need to all be on the same page with timelines and expectations.  

Content expectations

Want to be featured on more than just our social media? Send us horizontal images when submitting your content to have your photos included in our emails and featured on our website!

Please do not crop or filter.  If you want to filter them please ask for our settings.  

The further out the photo is taken the more chances we have to feature you;  for example for our website we need horizontal not close up vertical images.  The more horizontal images you give us the more we can use us.  

Pair as many of our pieces together as you can (use previous pieces we’ve sent you!)  

No wrinkled clothing! Either iron, steam, or edit out wrinkles :)

Please be aware of the season that we are currently working in.  We will be sure to let you know.  

By accepting merchandise from us you are also accepting our terms and conditions.  

We will need all pictures back within one weeks time from the date of delivery.  

When taking pictures we would like you to use a variety of backgrounds and locations, please do not take multiple product shots in the same location.  We need all photos to be appropriate with their content and backgrounds: swimwear at beach, pool or with towels.  We want you to have fun with it, show your style and personality and take advantage of different locations where you live or when you travel.

Each garment needs 3 pictures or more.


 Submitting Content

We use Google docs to turn in new material.  Click HERE.

We suggest you use the google drive app.  

1.  Create folder with your name and submission date (Katie 8.20.20)

2.  After uploading pics to folder rename each image with either the sku or style number.  (Add 1,2,3 etc for multiple images of the same piece.) ex:12.1-043- Green1, 12.1-043- Green2, 12.1-043- Green3.  Ex: D1456471, D1456472

Just a reminder that we would love try ons, tik toks and any other video footage you can send.   The faster your turn around time and the more creative material  you send the more we will use you. 

Posting On your platform

We do require you to post on your platform one time within the next 3 weeks tagging us in the post or sending them in the verbiage to us.  This is an amazing time to use your affiliate link in your bio to earn commission! 


Affiliate Program

If you signed up for affiliate program don’t forget to use either your discount code or link so people can buy the items and you can earn more commission.   If you didn't sign up please contact us.  It's a great way for your followers to receive a discount and you get paid commission for their purchases.  

To get to your affiliate Dashboard go here:

There you will find your unique discount code, link you can use to refer people to our website and material to use to promote us.  

Remember you will be paid for traffic to us, you will earn commissions and we will have certain products that you can earn extra commissions on.  You also are eligible for bonuses like gift cards.  

We suggest using your social media to promote our new arrivals, sales and other events.  

 We look forward to working with you!  Any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!