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Hey Carrollton!

Hey Carrollton – we’ve got some exciting news we couldn’t wait to share…
You showed us what resonates most with our loyal Carrollton customers.  So, you’d like more sales and deep discounts on your favorite Entourage fashions?  It’s yours!

Call it our outlet, or call it Entourage with a twist.  But the transition is happening soon at our Carrollton location in early January 2018! In the meantime, the store will be open as always, but with new hours...11AM to 7PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

But it gets better!  Aside from other surprises, Entourage sees a huge volume of new arrivals weekly, sold online and at all store locations. There are so many that we often don’t have time to keep any one product or style in the spotlight for long. Today’s new arrivals get all the attention – but yesterday’s are still just as fresh, and often even still weeks ahead of styles our competition will offer.  
Rather than having these fantastic designs drift deeper into our website or towards the back of our stores, guess where they’re all headed?  806 Maple Street in Carrollton!  There will be a lot of deliveries, and often.  

Always changing.  Always in style.  Always something new at the Carrollton Entourage location in 2018!

That’s the word.  Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and we’ll see you soon…
Katie, Entourage CEO

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