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The Best of Auburn, AL Dress Boutiques

From swing dresses to all the latest trends, you can count on your local Auburn, AL Entourage. Located on North College Street, the Auburn Entourage location is conveniently located near the Auburn University campus. Floor associates are ready and waiting to show off our selections of camo, find you the perfect piko, and assist you every step of the way on your quest for style.

Pikos? Bralettes? Rompers? Dresses? Find your fashion at Entourage!

Here's how it works at the Auburn, AL location:
You walk inside and spy a bomber jacket. A floor associate puts it in a dressing room with your name on it until you are ready to try it on. You add a matching choker, a few rompers, and a swing dress to your room and start trying on pieces. Floor associates provide everything you need, from a new size to a different color. By the time you are done you are worried about paying for it all because you want everything! But there is a difference between cheap boutiques and inexpensive ones. Entourage has quality without breaking your budget, style without draining your wallet. You walk away with all the rompers and pikos you could ever want, plus a choker or two. Auburn, AL has cheap boutiques everywhere but only one Entourage. Only one place where trends and style are affordable and any who walk in can walk out feeling empowered.
Monday through Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

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