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Women Crush Wednesday - The Powerpuff Girls

March 08, 2017

They’re sugar, spice, and everything a little bit of chemical X. This week Woman Crush Wednesday becomes WOMEN Crush Wednesday with...The Powerpuff Girls!

Fictional females can be just as inspiring as real life women, and this crime-fighting trio proves it. Defeating evil plots and kicking butt is usually reserved for adult women clad in spandex, but these kindergarten cuties manage it in Mary Janes. The three distinct personalities that Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup each have show that female characters don’t have to be static stereotypes but reflect the diversity in real women. And just like real life, the girls are strongest when they work united as a team.

The show was created in 1992 by Craig McCracken as a cartoon short in his sophomore year at CalArts. After it was picked up by Cartoon Network, the show officially began in November of 1998 to great critical success. It was feminine without being over-sexualized, it had strong female leads who weren’t flat as characters, it explored girls as being more complex than just “perfect,” and all in all it was delightfully charming!

But 78 episodes, a Christmas special, and a movie weren’t enough for the fans. The show was rebooted by Cartoon Network in April of 2016. New voice actors and updated animation left many still feeling nostalgic for the old days, but plenty of fans still enjoy the spirit of the show as it empowers a new generation.

We could see Buttercup sporting a camo dress like this one, Bubbles in this cute blue number, and Blossom rocking this red beauty here at Entourage. Peep them below!

Camo Dress

Blue Off the Shoulder Dress

Red Cold Shoulder Dress

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