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Women Crush Wednesday - Blair and Maghen

May 03, 2017 1 Comment

Blair and Maghen, models at Entourage

This week's WOMEN Crush Wednesday may look familiar to you. They've posed, they've laughed, they've looked fabulous, they are Entourage models Blair and Maghen!


This Friday, two AMAZING girls will enter Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia and walk away with their diplomas. Entourage models Blair and Maghen have been with us for a hot minute, Blair for almost two years and Maghen for about two and a half years. They both bring smiles, laughter, and energy to the Entourage brand that we are really going to miss! Both girls are so unique in style and attitude.


Game face


Blair will graduate with a Bachelor's in Public Relations and soon leave to work for the Robert Half Staffing Agency. She has been magical not to only us and our audience but also to children at Disneyword in Orlando both as King Louie from the jungle book and Princess Anna from Frozen!!!



Fun fact: she can also swallow a Kraft singles cheese slice and spit it back up whole and intact.


Maghen will graduate with a Bachelor's in Digital and Broadcast Journalism, having interned at GPB and with the #goals of becoming the next Erin Andrews.

Fun fact: she likes to trick people into thinking she has an Australian accent...and they believe her all the time!


As we wish these girls a happy graduation and bid them farewell, it's not enough to just say goodbye, so we dedicate this Women Crush Wednesday to them and wish them well in the bright future ahead! We love you, girls!

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Terry wallace
Terry wallace

May 05, 2017

Blair has had the beautiful talent of presenting herself not only as a gorgeous model but as a funny, happy young lady who is REAL. She will be SOO missed!

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