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Woman Crush Wednesday - Lisa Frank

May 17, 2017

Lisa Frank

She's bright, colorful, and probably responsible for all of your elementary school supplies. This week's Woman Crush Wednesday is Lisa Frank!


Everyone remembers the neon bright rainbows and animals from the backpacks, pencil bags, and folders of the Lisa Frank brand. They were the epitome of cool, and kids still doodle with pencils covered in her designs.

Lisa Frank Art


But there is a real person behind the multitude of colors and stylized kittens. Lisa Frank started her business in college, with the caveat from her father that she would be supporting herself on her own if she chose to pursue art. At first, Lisa represented Native American tribes and sold their work in her home state of Michigan. It wasn't until 1979 that she started Lisa Frank, Inc and invested in her own designs. In her first year of business, at 24, she sold one million dollars worth of stickers alone.


Her business flourished. Everyone wanted the rainbow tiger cub notebook, the neon golden retriever backpack, the starry-eyed kitty pencil. And every character was based on someone Lisa knew, from her first dog to her two children!


No matter the obstacle, Lisa Frank overcame. As technology advanced and tastes changed she managed to evolve alongside and hold on for the ride. And speaking of rides, it's her ultimate dream to make a Lisa Frank theme park world! Wouldn't THAT be groovy?


If Lisa Frank shopped Entourage, we imagine she would go straight for something purple and layer on all the fun jewelry!

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