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Woman Crush Wednesday - Lady Gaga

February 08, 2017

This past Sunday, a beautiful and talented woman rocked the Super Bowl halftime show. Introducing this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday: Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga - Woman Crush Wednesday at Entourage Clothing and Gifts

First of all, let it be known that Entourage does not stand for body shaming. We subscribe to this philosophy from Gaga,


Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.”


And in the face of those who would drag her down, Lady Gaga had this to say on Instagram,


“I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That's the stuff of champions. Thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys. Xoxo, gaga.”


That’s the kind of woman Entourage salutes!


But who exactly is Lady Gaga? For starters, her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. As if she wasn’t gorgeous enough, what a magnificent name! And in addition to her physical beauty she is a kind and generous person. When her fans were waiting for hours outside of a record shop just to see her do a signing, Gaga spent over $1000 to order them all Papa John’s pizza. She helped NBC’s Share Kindness campaign by visiting a youth shelter and helping put on the Share Kindness Experience in NYC. Everywhere she goes, Gaga tries to be an encouragement to others.


Lady Gaga is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, has dropped six albums, achieved 12 Guinness World Records, received a Golden Globe for her work in American Horror Story, won 3 Brit Awards, and won 6 Grammy’s. But the most admirable thing about her is her spirit and modesty.


“Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person inside.”

--Lady Gaga


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