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Woman Crush Wednesday - Emma Watson

April 19, 2017


She fights FOR women, AGAINST evil wizards, and WITH a monstrous beast. This week's Woman Crush Wednesday is Emma Watson!


It all started with a little franchise called Harry Potter. Her first professional acting role EVER, Watson as Hermione Granger catapulted her into stardom and the hearts of viewers everywhere. The precocious and fiercely loyal witch, a favorite character already from the book series, was magically brought to life by Emma Watson as she grew up with and in the franchise.


But after Harry Potter ended, Emma Watson took on an almost real-life role of Hermione in her activism efforts for women's rights. Echoing the strength of her alter ego, but burning with a passion all her own, Watson became a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador and introduced the HeforShe campaign at a UN meeting in New York City. The campaign called for men to advocate for women's rights and called for a modern form of feminism that wants equality for both sides. She continues to fight for this equality no matter the tide against her.


Most recently, Emma Watson brought the classic Disney fairytale Beauty and the Beast to life in her portrayal of Belle. Typical of Watson, she also brought to life an updated Belle. This time SHE is the inventor, not her father, and changes to the script and story give her more agency as a character without taking anything away from the spirit of the story. But what more could we expect from the champion of female empowerment herself?


If Emma Watson wore Entourage, we imagine she would either be on the go in this trench coat or rocking our newest vibrant red jumpsuit!

River North Trench Coat in Pink

Going Out Jumpsuit in Red



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