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Woman Crush Wednesday - Claire Danes

April 12, 2017

She portrayed the teen millions felt like inside, she brought modernization to a classic female lead, and she felt like a personal friend to 90s kids. This week's Woman Crush Wednesday is Claire Danes!


Today Claire Danes turns 38, though for most of us she is still a 15 year old sophomore at Liberty High School. Her role as Angela Chase in the 1994 TV hit My So-Called Life left many teens feeling validated in their own struggles. It cut out the cheese factor some shows used to address real-life issues and made an effort to be honest. This produced a show full of stress, strife, and typical teenage life that audience members appreciated for its realism. And many say it was Claire Dane's talent as Angela Chase that gave the show its edge, as her role inspired viewers everywhere. 

In addition to My So-Called Life, which was sadly cancelled after only one season, Claire Danes brought Shakespeare into the modern era with Romeo + Juliet only a year later. This started her career in film, which continues today alongside more television roles. Thus far, her talent has lead her to receive 4 Golden Globes, 3 Emmy Awards, and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards. But many will always know her as the relatable Angela, a role that inspires teens even today.




If Anglea Chase shopped at Entourage, she would probably go for grunge meets girl next door, like this army jacket, a floral dress layered under flannel, or this plaid top. "You're so beautiful it hurts to look at you"


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