Rage @ The 'rage - Your Summer Playlist

May 02, 2017

Deadpan quiet dressing rooms make trying on clothes so boring and awkward. That's why our creative team at Entourage developed the best playlist in the history of good vibes! We wanted each item you try on to feel like a high-profile modeling session, and so the in-store music playlist was born.


Rage @ The 'rage. https://open.spotify.com/user/shopentourage/playlist/3BDSMEOXLlBl1TTgMoOC89


We've seen you dancing across the store floor, working your own fashion show. And we don't think tunes as rad as ours should be limited to just shopping trips. This Spotify playlist has literally days of content, perfect for taking on the road and all sorts of summer adventures. From pop hits to obscure diamonds in the rough, from names you instantly recognize to names you have never heard of before, you can now take the hype of Entourage with you everywhere you go!


So jam out, flaunt your style, and ride off into the sunset listening to Rage @ The 'rage, a playlist designed with you in mind.

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