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It's Raining Pikos!

June 19, 2017

Settle in for the fashion show you've all been waiting for, it's time to flaunt our newest Piko collection! Shop them today by clicking this link.


Piko Top: Short Sleeve, Off The Shoulder in White


Everyone loves a good off the shoulder top...wait. What? PIKO?! That's right! These off the shoulder tops with short sleeves and a flowing hem are piko tops! We have them in multiple colors and they are simply to-die-for. These are quite popular so be sure to grab them while you still can!


Piko Dress: Short Sleeve, Round Neckline in Camo


The one, the only camo piko dress! It's everyone's favorite trend wrapped up in that comfortable piko material. And this is the only one we have in stock making it a top priority buy!


Piko Top: Short Sleeve, Strappy Neckline in Black


At first glance this is just another one of our trendy strap neckline tops. But the tag doesn't lie! These unique piko tops come in black, pink, and white. It's the on-trend piko top you've been looking for, and we have a limited amount so urgency is key!


Piko Top: Off The Shoulder, Halter Neck in Blue


These may not look like your typical piko, but all the better to have variety! The soft cloth is crimped on these short sleeve piko tops, and the neckline is mostly off the shoulder with thin halter straps around the neck. Available in blue and pink, these items are bound to brighten up your closet!


Piko Dress: Round Neck Tank in Purple


Piko tank dresses! It's enough to make you scream, and with pockets too?! It's a summer must-have that you can't delay on snapping up. These are already flying out of stock in their rainbow of colors.


Piko Top: Short Sleeve Round Neck in Navy Stripes


Get on high alert for these striped piko tops! Available in solid black with white stripes, whit with black stripes, white with navy stripes, and white with red stripes, it's all the trends you love rolled up into one cute short sleeve top.


Piko Top: Round Neck Tank in Orange


In addition to the piko tank dresses are these piko tank tops. And in addition to the normal greens, pinks, and purples, there are a few colors perfect for that gameday wardrobe you're creating for the fall!


Piko Top: Round Neck Tunic Tank in Light Purple


These piko tunic tank tops are in-between the tops and the dresses, but that doesn't mean they aren't selling out like lightening! These tops in all their colors are already down to 3 or 2 left in stock so you better pick yours out fast.


Piko Dress: Short Sleeve, Round Neck with Pockets in Magenta

This next dress style is a piko tunic dress with short sleeves, a round neckline, and POCKETS! You heard us, pockets! These pikos come in various shades of blue, purple, and pink, with wine red and black to round out the palatte.


Piko Dress: Short Sleeve, Round Neck in Green

There are times that pockets aren't necessary, so we also carry the same style just without the pockets. The seamless cloth is smooth and neat, available in the same array of varied colors, and features short sleeves and a round neckline.


Piko Dress: Short Sleeve, V-Neck in Mauve


You know we can't leave you hanging! In addition to the round necklines styles we of course also have v-necklines! A short sleeve piko tunic dress with a v-neckline is a classic look, and once again we have them in #AllTheColors.


We know you love pikos, so we made sure to stock up this time! If we still go out of stock before you get the color you want please contact us for a re-stock. Happy shopping!



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