Dressed For The Date: Nadia and Brandon at The Old Pal

September 30, 2016

Meet Nadia and Brandon. Neither are born and raised Athenians or Georgian's for that matter.  Nadia is a native New Yorker who came to Athens to work for the EPA.  Brandon is from San Francisco and is here at UGA to work on his doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  Nadia and Brandon who were neighbors living on different floors in the same apartment building, met at the complex’s gym by chance and have been together ever since.  Even though they have differing backgrounds and come from opposite sides of the country, it only makes their relationship more interesting and their connection stronger.  Opposites attract, right?

I met with Nadia only a few weeks before our photo shoot and was presented with the task of helping her to rediscover her personal style vs her professional day to day wear. I wanted to find out more about her and get to know her likes and her dislikes when it comes to fashion.  Because she works for the EPA and spends most of her time there, her daily wardrobe was reflecting a business casual vibe but her taste in style is much more fun and vibrant!  However, when she showed me pictures of outfits she had worn while on vacations or for special occasions, it became clear that this woman was much more bold and daring than her wardrobe was letting on. I encouraged her to let that carry over into her everyday life, even if it's a conservative dress in a vibrant color or print for work, or a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans for date night instead of her usual tailored pants.

I styled six outfits for Nadia's date with Brandon at one of their favorite spots, The Old Pal. They found this unique little gem a few months back and it has quickly turned into the perfect place for the couple to go on a date or to grab drinks with friends. So, when we asked them where they would go for an intimate rendezvous, it was the first place that came to mind. The Old Pal was opened three years ago by owners, Matt McFerron and Daniel Ray, and it's not just any college town bar.  This spot is as unique and eclectic as Nadia and Brandon themselves. It's the kind of place you'd go to wind down after a long day at the office, where you want to watch the UGA game with a few friends, or grab a drink with your special someone before heading out to dinner.  The Old Pal is exactly what the name insists, a place that is always there for you and a place where you can always feel great just being yourself.

Three of the outfits I chose were very typically Nadia and the other three were meant to push the envelope a bit and to reimagine her as I see her. Much to my delight she chose the three outfits that pushed her out of her comfort zone and loved wearing them!

I chose a rich color palette to enhance Nadia's beautiful skin-tone and form fitting pieces to show off her amazing (and hard earned) figure.  All three outfits also reflected current trends; monochrome and scallops in the shorts and wrap-top outfit, cutouts and body-con in the olive dress, and bold florals and cold shoulder in the top and skinny jeans.

Going outside the box and trying something new is important to do.  It makes you step out of your norm. It makes you feel fabulous and brand new, and most importantly, as in this case, keeps things exciting for you and your boo!


Styling: Elizabeth Herrin

Photography: Natalie Gazaway 

Models: Nadia Seeteram and Brandon Weiss

A special thanks to The Old Pal!

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