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Bralette Roulette

June 21, 2017

Most people think Victoria's Secret when they think bralette. But those kinds of bralettes are limited by their sizes and their price tags. Here at Entourage we have 50 different bralettes from lace to cotton to plus-sizes, and none are over $25. That is hard to say for other boutiques!


Take a look of some of our most exemplary bralettes here, but don't forget to shop the full collection by clicking this link.


basic bralette


Basic bralettes are perfect for outfits that have thin cloth and make normal bras show through. A bralette will stay smooth where a bulkier piece would not, and soft cotton makes them extra comfortable!


Mineral Tie-Dye Bralette in Grey


Athleisure bralettes are often overlooked. But a heavy-duty sports bra is not always needed! When you want to look cute and sporty, take a peek at these Athleisure-style bralettes.


lace bralettesGlitz Halter Lace Bralette in White


Here they are! The lace bralettes everyone craves! At Entourage we carry dozens of styles and colors for this most popular bralette type. Various forms of halter cuts, various types of lace, and all cute! We even have a couple of neon options to really bring a spark to an outfit, as seen below in one of our Stylist Picks.


Jinx Lace Racerback Bralette in Pink


But lace bralettes are not where the cute train ends.


sexy bralette


Imagine your next open back top showing off this strappy black bralette! Made of comfortable cotton, this padded bralette is only one of the various strappy detail styles we carry. 


red bandeau


Don't forget the classic bandeau! We sure didn't. And we didn't forget to stock up on lace bandeau styles, either.


lace bralette bandeau


And last but not least, what sets Entourage apart from other boutiques that offer bralettes is our dedication to serving real women of all sizes.


Top Shelf Plus-Size Bralette in Black

Heathers Plus-Size Bralette in Black


Our extended sizes serve all women. No one should be unable to find a basic or lace bralette simply because they don't fit the typical boutique size guide! Even outside of bralettes, we at Entourage are dedicated to all women of all body types. Fashion and style do not have size limits.


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