Style Inspiration: Online Closets

July 21, 2015

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to pull together an outfit? One of those days where you’ve pulled everything out of your wardrobe trying to find the perfect combination, and now it looks like your closet exploded all over your room? We certainly have, and we were determined there had to be a better way! After some brainstorming, our styling team had an epiphany! Pictures! How are pictures going to help, you ask? Simple. You snap a photo of your clothes - if you’ve got an Instax or Polaroid camera, store them all in a box sorted by clothing type - if not, upload digital images to Polyvore, and create an online version of your closet! Next time you’re trying to figure out whether or not that top will work with those bottoms, match ‘em up digitally! Voila, you’ve found what works without leaving a rack of empty hangers and crumpled clothes all over the closet floor! Even better, you can shop for new items {like all of Entourage’s daily new arrivals} and see how they fit in with pieces you’ve already got at home! Styling made simple! We love it! Be sure to tag us on your outfit creations! We wanna see how YOU style!

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