Entourage's Guide to July 4th Fireworks Watching

July 03, 2015

There are some things you never outgrow, and cozying up with your family and friends to watch the annual Fourth Of July fireworks show is definitely one of them! As we prepare to celebrate our nation's independence tomorrow, we thought that we'd pull together a guide to the perfect firework viewing experience! 
  1. Location, Location, Location! Chances are, it's going to be crowded! Whether you're watching the display in Midtown Manhattan or at your local fairgrounds, plan ahead and get there early! Pile into the biggest pick-up truck you can find, snag some stellar parking, and enjoy each other's company until the sun goes down! 
  2. Pack A Big Ol' Bag! When it comes time to celebrate the Fourth, your bag is going to have to be big enough to accomodate some spirit filled extras! We recommend stowing your favorite shades for pre-dusk partying, a paper fan to beat the summer heat, a red, white, & blue pinwheel (because, why not?), and PLENTY of sparklers! 
  3. Find The Perfect Look! You can't properly celebrate America's independence without rocking some serious red, white, and blue! Sporting a flag print is even BETTER! We love a patriotic graphic tank, All-American cutoff jean shorts, and casual buckled sandals for a comfortable, but still on trend Fourth look! 
  4. Don't Forget A Blanket & Snacks! The best 4th of July celebrations start early and go well after dark! You're definitely going to need a comfy place to sit, eat, and lay back to watch the fireworks! This all starts with the perfect blanket! Make sure it's big enough to accomodate your entire crew! Be sure you fill your picnic basket with lots of ice cold drinks, salty snacks, and sweet desserts! 
                    Top                               Bottoms                     Shoes                                        Bag                   

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