The Style Shift: 1 Piece, 5 Days, 5 Ways

June 12, 2015

Fashion is a funny thing. Sometimes we fall in love with a piece--a dress, a shirt, a pair of shorts--but we just don’t know how to wear it. We walk around the store with it dangling over our arm or leave it hanging out in our online shopping cart. We play 20 questions in our heads. Is it too casual? Do I have anything that matches this color? Can I wear this to work? What accessories can I wear with it? Sometimes we abandon it at the store, too unsure of how to wear it to commit. Other times, we take the plunge and buy it anyway-promising ourselves we’ll find a way to wear it. Fast forward a few weeks, we’re either kicking ourselves for passing it up, or we’re staring at it in the closet, tags still attached, unworn.

That’s where Entourage comes in!

We’ve just created our newest fashion solution: The Style Shift! Each week, we’ll pick one item from our racks, and style it FIVE different ways. Each style board will feature a complete look focusing on how one piece can give you a plethora of style options. A new board will pop up at 7pm every weekday on our Instagram.

Our first week of Style Shift focused on our Aztec Printed Shorts. You’d be surprised how versatile these patterned and tasseled bottoms can be! Check out the style boards below, and let us know what YOU think!

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