Entourage's Summer Bucket List

May 26, 2015

It’s finally here, ladies! Get ready for hot temps, swingy dresses, cut off shorts, and the bare feet of summer. We are so ready to say goodbye to skinny jeans and boots, and we’ve already started making our official Entourage Summer To-Do List! With the warm weather and never ending sun, we’re ready to make summer 2015 one to remember!

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1. Spend a day on the water! Whether it’s soaking up some rays on the coast, rafting down a river, or spending a lazy day on the lake, get out with your best girls and have a ball! Don’t forget to bring a cooler full of your favorite beverages and some koozies too!
2. Go to an outdoor concert. Does summer get you in the mood for some Jason Aldean tunes? Or do you want to have an all-night dance party? Find a show to make a night you’ll never forget.
3. Take on a DIY project! Remember that Pinterest board you created and haven’t touched? Now is the time to channel your inner crafting queen!
4. Take a weekend trip! Having a job in the summer is a necessary evil, but don’t let that get in the way of going on an adventure. Want to see the Charleston market? Or how about visiting Nashville’s clubs on Broadway? Get some friends together, make a great vacation playlist, and hit the road.
5. Try a new trend. Summer is the perfect time to try out a new hair style or rock a new look. Have you been curious about fringe? Try our boho crochet fringe top on a night out! That’s the best thing about summer - don’t take style too seriously!
6. Slather on the sunscreen. Yes, we know it’s not fun, but you know what’s worse? A nasty red sunburn (or worse - skin cancer). Take care of your skin and you won’t have those embarrassing splotchy burns.
7. Take a fun class! Whether it’s a cooking class, a painting class, or even a candle-making class, get a group together and try something new! Spend an afternoon learning how to do something you’ve always wanted to know, even if all you get out of it is time with friends.
8. Get lost in a good book. Pick up a best-seller or a classic that has been on your to-do list forever and go to town! Summer is the best for adventures, but having some down time can offer some much needed rejuvenation.
9. Make s’mores by a bon fire. Who cares if you’re not at camp anymore? Get your s’mores ingredients, a bottle of wine, and have fun!
10. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and fill your apartment with flowers! Because who wouldn’t want to add the extra luxury (and gorgeous colors) to their kitchen counter?

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